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His Purple Majesty : A Black History Month Exhibit








Multi-disciplinarian. Visionary. Avant-garde. Feminist.

Trendsetter. Misunderstood. A few terms with which to identify the iconic artist we all know as Prince. Terms that prove their meaning when visiting His Purple Majesty, the free exhibition in his homage at Place des Arts. It is part of a series of events celebrating Prince’s life and work, as well as recognizing the impact the artist had on the generations who have witnessed his evolution towards the musical legend we will always remember him as.



His Purple Majesty is presented in the Espace George-Emile Lapalme at Place des Arts, until March 3, as part of the Black History Month’s calendar of activities.

  • The genesis of a legend, black and white photographs of a young Prince

(according to some SABLEqueens)

«For the diversity in the presented installations – photos, paintings, and infographics. Because it comes from Montreal passionates. Because Prince transcends everything – genres, musical styles, and ethnic backgrounds.»

– Myriam Laabidi, Montreal web content creator and model

 «Prince is really an icon. When we see his universe, this life, this flamboyance, it makes you want to explore up to where we can also go! My favorite piece is that of Omar Gammaoui, titled “La Magie dans l’air“ (The Magic in the Air)»

– Maliciouz, Montreal artist

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