SABLEeats: Taboo, Nhau Bar and Le Passeport des Microbrasseries


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Taboo is the new kid in town… downtown Montreal, that is. As a burger joint just like its predecessor, M:BRGR,  Taboo differs in the menu’s concept, but not so much in the interior design. While its design is an integral and important element in the visual experience of eating out, at the end of the day, the food must speak for itself.

Foodwise, aside from the choices of salads, tartars, and poutines, Taboo plays the non-conventional card in giving us a chance to playfully titillate our palette with a vast choice of sliders, instead of full-sized burgers. A smart way to enjoy different flavors in one meal.

2025 Drummond St, Montreal, QC



If you’re looking to try out a new bar this month, look no further than the Nhau bar, located below the new Hà restaurant in Old Montreal. Opening its thick door reveals a smokey, oriental, speakeasy-style charm, complemented by the festive lantern-filled ceiling, jute rug covered walls and chill soundtrack.

The menu offers original cocktails, as much in their presentation as in their taste, and simple yet very flavorful dishes, making Nhau bar undeniably worth the trip. We recommend the shrimp buns, the salmon tartar, the pork or veggie imperial rolls and finish by turning up with the Do’rice and the Five Alive cocktails. You can thank us later!  

600 Williams St, Montreal, QC



If you’re into beer or open to beer tastings, this next thing is for you. The group behind Oystermania and TartareFest, Restomania, offers you the possibility to discover more than 70 beers in 19 different bars and restaurants in Montreal and abutting shores with their Passeport des Microbrasseries (or ‘Microbreweries’ passport’ in English).

For only $20, you order your passport online, and in a few days, receive it in the mail. You then visit any of the participating establishments and present your passport, and in return, they present you their proposed beer tasting selection (tips are not included). Have three of your friends purchase a passport, and yours will be free.

Click here to watch a short video explaining the process. It’s in French, but it’s pretty straightforward.

To order your passport, visit

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