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Issue 002… Just writing it gives me a jolt. The first step is behind us, and all that is left is to move forward.  But on the real… the first issue did suffer some major setbacks, or many – which I am glad to say are, for the most part, resolved. SABLE, ladies, is a work in progress. We are not perfect (but, who is, really?). We. Will. Make. Mistakes. But on the path of progress, we will not deviate. Our mission is clear, create content and moments that will positively benefit your lifestyle, in a non-divisive way and to always represent you as the beautiful beings that you are, women of color. You are the oxygen that will feed SABLE, first, by doing exactly what you are doing now – reading the current issue, but also, by leaving us your comments, sending us your ideas and by attending our many upcoming events – the first, in a little more than a week and half. 

This issue of SABLE has more content (Gala Dynastie, a travel journey!) and gives you a better idea of the visually dynamic style of the site. Imagine the pages of a digital magazine coming to life. It also premieres its French version every Friday, so for our French-speaking readers – SABLE en français will be served! I am now happy to lead you to the second issue of YOUR magazine, SABLE. 

Have a great read, and see you next week!



February’s must-see films

The Gala Dynastie – 2nd edition:
A colorful black carpet

Table of content label - Voyage
First Passage to the West:
Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

by Myriam Dimanche

Okay, ladies: quick confession. We at SABLE are dying to see Marvel’s Black Panther movie, coming to theaters on Friday, February 16, 2018. But that’s not the only movie on our radar…

Here’s a list of films we’re looking forward to watch this month, in order of release date:

The theater must-sees

The Music of Silence The Female Brain Black Panther Mute
Feb. 02 Feb. 09 Feb. 16 Feb. 23
Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer

*Video contains coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The honorable mentions

Hidden Figures Marshall Love & Basketball Queen of Katwe A United Kingdom Love Jones
Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer Watch the trailer


By-the-way, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Black Girl Nerds (available on Spotify, Google Play Music and iTunes) and they recently talked about their trip to the set of Marvel’s “Black Panther” in Georgia, USA. I have to be honest: I haven’t been this excited for a film in years. The hosts talked about their experience touring the set and interviewing members of the cast, including Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Martin Freeman, and Michael B. Jordan. Ladies, I feel like I can risk saying this film is gonna be fire!



The Gala Dynastie
– 2nd edition:
A colorful black carpet

by Myrtho Clermont

photo of Vice-Prime Minister, Dominique Anglade

Vice-Prime Minister, Dominique Anglade


Just as the many shades of Quebec’s ethnicities, the Gala Dynastie’s black carpet, held this past February 3rd at Montreal’s La Tohue, showcased the diversity in the province’s black culture and in the rest of Canada. This much anticipated 2nd edition, with multi-talented front man Angelo Cadet as artistic director, revealed a sea of influential personalities renowned in their various respective fields.  In politics, attending was Montreal’s first female mayor Valerie Plante, Vice-Prime Minister Dominique Anglade and the Canadian Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen; TV and radio personalities Pierre Yves Lord, the much buzzed about couple Philippe Fehmiu and Pénélope McQuade, and radio host Isabelle Racicot;  in sports was ex-Montreal Impact player Patrice Bernier and in film, actor Brick Mansions, to name a few.


While a majority opted for a more somber and safe look, others decided to take this opportunity to display their ethnic roots or go the simpler route with colorful, yet traditional gala wear. We obviously couldn’t expect less for, let’s face it, this is no casual award ceremony, but the one and ONLY gala recognizing black excellence in Quebec.

Pierre Yves Lord, TV & radio host

Isabelle Racicot, radio host on CBC Radio

Esther Nelsa, founder of Racines Crépues blog

Pénélope McQuade and Philippe Fehmiu, TV & radio

Nicole Musoni, singer

Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Minister of Immigration

Marième, artist

Lina Asselien, founder of Romy & Jacob

Preach, Youtube personality

Stephanie Kitembo, yoga instructor

But what will next year hold for black carpet style? Will guests outdo themselves? As it is a gala, why not?

Curious to know who made the list for best dressed of the night? See my pick for 10 bests below!


Keithy Antoine, radio host and Gala announcer, chose a white form-fitted wide collared dress, that matched her headwrap

Stylish VIP guest, wearing a beautiful handmade brooch on his jacket lapel

Sassandre, Montreal model wearing a original design by KDA Couture

Anne-Lovely Étienne, Reporter and TV columnist, winner of Best Blogger award, wearing an empress satin navy blue gown

Gina Délismé, CEO at NAGI Cosmetique, proved that less can undoubtedly be more with that little black dress.

Petrona Joseph, TV personality, publicist and nominated for the Author of the Year award, wearing a long midnight blue A-line gown with train

Micherose Philosca of Chic Animation, also opted for a top black sheered and laced gown with layered wrist detail at the sleeves.

Achaïa Maguy, Owner at Achaïa Select, Pro makeup artist and hairstylist, glammed up her sequin gown with a burgundy fur shawl

Carla Beauvais, President of Gala Dynastie, modestly rocking the sheer dress in this black ensemble

VIP guest dashingly wearing a custom tux and thick retro black frames remnant of a modern James Bond style


(Featured image) First Passage to the West: Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, by Myriam Richard - Read our editor’s journey on the world-famous and luxury train, the Rocky Mountaineer and discover why, after more than 200 years, railroad travels should still be trending

How odd it is that in an era overflowing with time-saving gadgets, where tomorrows are already the yesterdays of today, and getting anywhere the quickest is best, yet trains are still a prefered way to travel for long distance trips. Well, after two days aboard one, I understood that it is not only about the destination, but the journey leading to it. And mine was spent on Canada’s world-famous Rocky Mountaineer, the two-story train known for its glass-domed carriages offering breathtaking views of the Rocky mountains.

I took part of their legendary, and most popular route, the First Passage to the West, connecting Vancouver to Banff in Alberta, which includes a one-night lodging at a hotel, a feature I very much liked, as this way, you didn’t miss a glimpse of the countryside’s natural beauty. But the whole journey is truly a bucket-list-worthy experience. Simply put, it is like witnessing impressionism in motion – seeing the train being engulfed by epic mountains, plying dense forests or crossing giant metal bridges. All this, while you catch up on some reading, enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, fill your travel journal with stories, or getting lost in great conversation with your traveling mates.

Completely immersed in the beauty of road trips, the Rocky Mountaineer offers different packages and routes – some spanning up to 21 days with their hotel accommodations. It is an amazing opportunity to marvel at nature – often times quite up close – and to visit different cities and hotels at each of its evening stops. The staff, is as expected: friendly, helpful and may engage in funny group games with the passengers, animating the trip.

On a personal note, I was surprised at how I enjoyed myself on the train, mainly because I for one, love time-saving gadgets. Amid the sightseeing, I read and wrote, and often found myself in a meditative state – pondering on how God’s love emanates from his awesome beautiful creations. It left me relaxed, grateful, and much ready for my next adventure… in Banff, Alberta.

So ladies, how about trying something new this year? Say, a railroad trip leading to Banff’s hot springs, Whistler’s ski slopes, or as a prelude to an Alaskan cruise? Remember: putting a date on your wanderlust bucket list becomes a planned trip and I believe the Rocky Mountaineer should be right up on it.



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Myriam Richard

Myriam Dimanche

Myrtho Clermont of 2 Penderies
stylist, designer and pro makeup artist


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    Nice that you talked about Gala Dynastie. I don’t know if I missed it but I didn’t hear anything from the tv news.

    • Reply Myriam Dimanche February 9, 2018 at 13:26

      Thank you Marlene. The event was not televised. But that was a recurrent theme in the gala — lack of representation for people of color in Québec and in Canada!
      That stops with SABLE Magazine.

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