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hange. It feels good. Especially when finally accepting to go with it, which is in fact, a change in itself. And we needed this. Starting with this issue, SABLE’s got a new look. We finally stopped working on a design that didn’t follow its new envisioned aesthetic.

When I first started planning SABLE, I knew it needed to look different from other online magazines. It needed to step away from the blog format. And I particularly wanted our readers to feel the difference and see it as a periodic online publication.  Visually attractive, airy with clean lines, complemented with an Afrocentric vibe. I call it afro-minimalism. As weeks go by, SABLE will gradually ease into her own as she embraces her new visual identity – one we hope you will embrace too.

This new issue of SABLE dabs into food, arts, events and introduces our latest muse. Can’t wait to know what you think of it!



PRINCE: His Purple Majesty

SABLEeats: New places and a… passport?

Poetry: “Noir de peau” by Béatrice Lafortune
(French only)

The many shades of strength:
the Gala Dynastie #metoo movement

Wealth 101:
Building the life that you want







Multi-disciplinarian. Visionary. Avant-garde. Feminist. Trendsetter. Misunderstood. A few terms with which to identify the iconic artist we all know as Prince. Terms that prove their meaning when visiting His Purple Majesty, the free exhibition in his homage at Place des Arts. It is part of a series of events celebrating Prince’s life and work, as well as recognizing the impact the artist had on the generations who have witnessed his evolution towards the musical legend we will always remember him as.

His Purple Majesty is presented in the Espace George-Emile Lapalme at Place des Arts, until March 3, as part of the Black History Month’s calendar of activities.


  • The genesis of a legend, black and white photographs of a young Prince


(according to some SABLEqueens)

«For the diversity in the presented installations – photos, paintings, and infographics. Because it comes from Montreal passionates. Because Prince transcends everything – genres, musical styles, and ethnic backgrounds.»

– Myriam Laabidi, Montreal web content creator and model

 «Prince is really an icon. When we see his universe, this life, this flamboyance, it makes you want to explore up to where we can also go! My favorite piece is that of Omar Gammaoui, titled “La Magie dans l’air“ (The Magic in the Air)»

– Maliciouz, Montreal artist



Taboo is the new kid in town… downtown Montreal, that is. As a burger joint just like its predecessor, M:BRGR,  Taboo differs in the menu’s concept, but not so much in the interior design. While its design is an integral and important element in the visual experience of eating out, at the end of the day, the food must speak for itself.

Foodwise, aside from the choices of salads, tartars, and poutines, Taboo plays the non-conventional card in giving us a chance to playfully titillate our palette with a vast choice of sliders, instead of full-sized burgers. A smart way to enjoy different flavors in one meal.

2025 Drummond St, Montreal, QC




If you’re looking to try out a new bar this month, look no further than the Nhau bar, located below the new Hà restaurant in Old Montreal. Opening its thick door reveals a smokey, oriental, speakeasy-style charm, complemented by the festive lantern-filled ceiling, jute rug covered walls and chill soundtrack.

The menu offers original cocktails, as much in their presentation as in their taste, and simple yet very flavorful dishes, making Nhau bar undeniably worth the trip. We recommend the shrimp buns, the salmon tartar, the pork or veggie imperial rolls and finish by turning up with the Do’rice and the Five Alive cocktails. You can thank us later!  

600 Williams St, Montreal, QC




If you’re into beer or open to beer tastings, this next thing is for you. The group behind Oystermania and TartareFest, Restomania, offers you the possibility to discover more than 70 beers in 19 different bars and restaurants in Montreal and abutting shores with their Passeport des Microbrasseries (or ‘Microbreweries’ passport’ in English).

For only $20, you order your passport online, and in a few days, receive it in the mail. You then visit any of the participating establishments and present your passport, and in return, they present you their proposed beer tasting selection (tips are not included). Have three of your friends purchase a passport, and yours will be free.

Click here to watch a short video explaining the process. It’s in French, but it’s pretty straightforward.

To order your passport, visit passeportmb.com

Je suis noire de peau

by Béatrice Lafortune

Je suis noire d’ébène, je suis noir de peau.
Ma pigmentation, raison de ma condamnation,
une sentence donnée à ma naissance où la valeur
de mon existence décroît en fonction de l’importance
de la mélanine sur ma peau.
Un rappel des conditions ancestrales,
la haine est sur ma peau.

Je suis noire d’ébène, je suis noir de peau.
Ma beauté cachée sous une couche de cendre,
aucun reflet de lumière éblouit ma peau.
On me dit condamné aux ténèbres,
ma peau est un précurseur de mon lot.
Pourquoi vouloir plus, si la vie a colorié
mon destin sur ma peau.
Plusieurs des miens se félicitent de ressembler
davantage à leur bourreau.
Synonyme de tristesse et de désolation,
on se demande qu’a-t-elle fait à l’Éternel
pour porter un aussi grand fardeau.

Et soudain, je réalise…

je suis noire d’ébène, je suis noir de peau.
Ma couleur n’est pas une tare, mais une bénédiction.
Réunissant toutes les couleurs,
elle représente l’unité, une beauté qui refuse de se conformer.
Elle contient une richesse
que même les rayons du soleil ne peuvent blesser.
Elle accueille ses rayons et en fait
son plus précieux compagnon.

Signe de courage et de distinction, comme le Phoenix,
elle a su se lever au milieu des cendres
et désappointer toutes les mauvaises prédictions.

Maintenant rendue dans les réseaux d’influence,
elle a su gagner les cœurs de ses anciens tortionnaires
et même être à la tête des plus grandes nations.
Alors oui, je me lève et je suis fière.

Je suis noire d’ébène, je suis noir de peau et je suis belle

Béatrice is a Montreal poet and budding entrepreneur. (Facebook)

by Myriam Richard, with a special contribution by Petrona Joseph

When I was asked by Petrona Joseph, a Montreal-based PR, author and TV personality from Dominica and this issue’s SABLEmuse, to be part of a photoshoot gathering strong women, I was undoubtedly excited, glad and humbled by it. Awaiting her email with all the needed info about this photo session, I went back to work thinking it was going to be similar to the previous one she did around the same time last year.

But it was more than that.

It was much deeper and better than that. This photoshoot was in support of the #metoo movement – one that affects us all; for when one is hurt, all are hurt. And there isn’t a better person than Petrona herself to let us know the whole story about how it came to be.

When I received notification of my Gala Dynastie Nomination for Author of the Year, my automatic response was to have a bestie photoshoot, with fellow author, and Success Coach Samantha Kris.

But as time drew closer to the gala, I was struck with personal tragedy, #metoo had struck my family.

I am still suffering the effects of the [ordeal], but the idea came to me to show solidarity to the victims of sexual abuse, and the only way I could think of was to call together 50 strong Montreal women, who not only talk the talk, but these women [also] walk the walk in their support for vulnerable women by raising money to support them through life transitions, and most of all, [by] celebrating their triumphs.

Obviously, this idea stemmed from the Oscars.

While we didn’t all walk the black carpet at Gala Dynastie, our photo shoot had the same effects of the Oscars [#metoo] movement. For example, we all wore black, and showed [unity] in gathering to show support for sexual abuse victims all around the world, but particularly, those in the prison system who live systematic abuse, with the root cause of sexual traumas.

The energy of the photoshoot attracted local celebrities like Anne-Lovely Etienne and get this — Angelo Cadet — the only man in the shoot, [who] was not only showing solidarity with us, but was also bringing awareness to men and their attitude and behaviours toward women. I would also like to mention that Sandra Parker, Director of Lasalle College’s LCI Education Foundation was also among us, having recently contributed half a million dollars to the Shakira Fondation in Columbia.

The response we have received thus far is overwhelming, and the women in the shoot […] have transformed the way they see themselves, which is an awesome testimonial to the power we hold when we come together.

Portrait of Petrona Joseph, Montreal PR and publcist

SABLEmuse, Petrona Joseph – Photo credit: Lana Nimmons of Lana Nimmons Photography

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Petrona, an inspiring woman, for sharing her story and for organizing this gathering of remarkable women. Below are some of the images from the photoshoot she commissioned.

The strength of 24+1

All that melanin though… #blackgirlmagic

By Natalie Grignon

I have always liked the expression “Rome was not built in a day” since this applies to so many things like losing weight, growing an RSP and building wealth. When buying a real estate property as an investment, we know it will take years for the value of the home to go up. It is the same thing with your investment portfolio. There is no quick way to becoming wealthy. Your main goal should be to have a consistency in your contributions. Even if you have only $25 per month.

It is important to save and start as soon as possible. Women make great investors as we are more careful when deciding, we take the time to understand what we are buying. We also have more self-control and are not distracted by hype and short-term performance. (Source: June 2011 study by Barclays Capital and Ledbury Research; Survey of Affluent Women by The Boston Consulting Group, 2010)

Women need to start saving today. We live longer than men, We’re often the caregivers of our parents, and many have financially dependent children that stay at home well into their 30’s. Since there is still a gender pay gap, women might feel like they have a bigger hurdle to jump through to arrive at retirement.

So how do we start? I often meet clients who are not exactly sure of their budget, they do not know their annual salary and cannot tell me their biggest monthly expense. Know your numbers, ladies! Make a budget, decrease your expenses, and increase your savings. The most important thing you can do is forget your past mistakes and those crazy expenses, and let 2018 be the year you start building your wealth, your “Rome”.

Reserve your spot today on Eventbrite

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Myriam Dimanche

Petrona  Joseph

COLLABORATOR (Lifestyle Money)
Natalie Grignon

Béatrice Lafortune

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