First Passage to the West: Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

(Featured image) First Passage to the West: Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, by Myriam Richard - Read our editor’s journey on the world-famous and luxury train, the Rocky Mountaineer and discover why, after more than 200 years, railroad travels should still be trending

How odd it is that in an era overflowing with time-saving gadgets, where tomorrows are already the yesterdays of today, and getting anywhere the quickest is best, yet trains are still a preferred way to travel for long distance trips. Well, after two days aboard one, I understood that it is not only about the destination, but the journey leading to it. And mine was spent on Canada’s world-famous Rocky Mountaineer, the two-story train known for its glass-domed carriages offering breathtaking views of the Rocky mountains.

I took part of their legendary, and most popular route, the First Passage to the West, connecting Vancouver to Banff in Alberta, which includes a one-night lodging at a hotel, a feature I very much liked, as this way, you didn’t miss a glimpse of the countryside’s natural beauty. But the whole journey is truly a bucket-list-worthy experience. Simply put, it is like witnessing impressionism in motion – seeing the train being engulfed by epic mountains, plying dense forests or crossing giant metal bridges. All this, while you catch up on some reading, enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, fill your travel journal with stories, or getting lost in great conversation with your traveling mates.

Completely immersed in the beauty of road trips, the Rocky Mountaineer offers different packages and routes – some spanning up to 21 days with their hotel accommodations. It is an amazing opportunity to marvel at nature – often times quite up close – and to visit different cities and hotels at each of its evening stops. The staff, as expected: friendly, helpful and may engage in funny group games with the passengers, animating the trip.

On a personal note, I was surprised at how I enjoyed myself on the train, mainly because I for one, love time-saving gadgets. Amid the sightseeing, I read and wrote, and often found myself in a meditative state – pondering on how God’s love emanates from his awesome beautiful creations. It left me relaxed, grateful, and much ready for my next adventure… in Banff, Alberta.

So ladies, how about trying something new this year? Say, a railroad trip leading to Banff’s hot springs, Whistler’s ski slopes, or as a prelude to an Alaskan cruise? Remember: putting a date on your wanderlust bucket list becomes a planned trip and I believe the Rocky Mountaineer should be right up on it.

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